Organize the most special first birthday party for your child:

First off, we would like to extend our heartiest congratulations as your baby will soon be a year old. Soon there will be trembling steps all around your house and cute talking to brighten your everyday. Your baby’s first needs to be special and unique but that does not always mean over the top or expensive.

To help you plan the best baby’s first birthday party, we have a list of key suggestions that will make your party planning experience easy and hassle-free.

Keep it as simple as possible:

  1. As parents we always want our baby’s first birthday to be a big affair. But it might be better to keep it a small and simple event as much as possible. Restrain yourself from being tempted to hire all sorts of clowns, jugglers or even ponies. Most one year olds are usually wary of strangers; they may also get overwhelmed due loud noises or new places. Also crowds can over-stimulate your child, so keep the guest list small with close friends and family only.
  1. Also irrespective of how over the top your party is the birthday girl/boy won’t remember it, so any such arrangements are only going to be for you and not meant for your child.
  1. Another important thing to remember when planning baby’s first birthday party is the nap-time. All one year olds have a specific nap-time either in the morning or afternoon. So the party should be planned around the nap time, like middle of the day may suit some or after dinnertime for some others. If you fail to pay attention to the nap time your baby will being groggy at the party and won’t be able to enjoy it properly.
  1. Another important point when it comes to planning the first birthday party for your child is to set a proper time limit to the party. Keep in mind that for one year olds a party longer than one and a half or two hours is too much.

Choose a nice theme:

An interesting thing to have at the party is a suitable kid-friendly theme. All kids enjoy themes and also themed parties are great to take memorable photographs. Either plan a theme around your child’s favorite cartoon character or his/her favorite color, you can also choose to be a little more creative and have a costume party for your child’s birthday based on a theme. For instance onesies are really adorable. You can also find adorable custom made apparels at betterthanbows for your child’s party.